Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Frame by frame

A whole mix of things I have made in the last 6 months, from custom orders to gifts to stuff for my kids.....

Shirts for my girls:

The birthday dress:

Reversible art smock:

Drawstring backpack for Miss R.

Pencil crayon roll:

A few custom orders:

I'm working on a couple more backpacks for the upcoming craft sale, in boyish colours:

I have made an apron too, but no pics as of yet!


  1. Wow, im loving the dresses and the reversible top is just the so sweet. Is it your pattern?
    Your model is very cute too.

  2. Hi Michelle - got your blog link from Corinna's blog. I love your creativity - LOVE the pencil crayon roll and the twirly pink/orange dress R is modelling in an older post. Would love a dress for Neve - maybe I'll see you at the sale on Sat.