Saturday, March 28, 2009

As promised

Here's a few things I have made lately.

Doll house: I found a tutorial for this on the net and I had to try it out. I have made two for gifts, and started one for my daughter (who reminds me frequently that I have yet to finish it!).

Gift for a car-loving boy

And a slightly pinker version for a girl

Patchwork dress: This present was opened today, so now it can be posted! This is the fifth dress I have made in this style. I think I have changed things somewhat each time I have made one. Once I can scrounge up the pictures I'll post some of the others. It's not a pattern, but a hybrid of several tutorials I have found on the net. The bodice and trim are made from men's button up shirts, and the rest from fabrics I have. Some of my favourite fabrics are from old sheets and pillowcases. I love thrift store shopping!

Off to bed - will take some pictures tomorrow of what I have made so far for our craft sale on May 2. Getting very excited about that!

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  1. Beautiful Michelle! Can't wait to see more!!