Sunday, September 6, 2009

plain vanilla

Ummm, so it's been a while. I have to start somewhere, so I think this will be a 'get over the inertia of not posting for a few (ok, 4+) months' post. I've done some sewing this summer, but having an impossibly heavy unmovable sewing machine in the hottest spot in the house does not lend itself to afternoon naptime sewing. Which is the only time that works, as little Miss E. has not lost her destructo-baby tendencies as she zooms forward into toddlerhood. She makes short work of dismantling my system of piles and baskets of fabric (yes there is a method to the madness, hubby dear!) and leaves the place looking like a hurricane has passed through, as opposed to my work habits, which resemble a small tornado...

Anyway, no pictures loaded on this computer, so this will just be a plain post. As the hint of fall approaches, the desire to create increases. I have a few projects on the brain, and am looking forward to the time to make them happen, as Miss R. is heading off to preschool three afternoons a week. I'm excited for her, as she is really looking forward to it, and excited for me. Afternoon naptime for Miss E. + preschool = uninterrupted time!! Maybe I shall post again before 4 months have passed!